28、The high-tech food Teadenol originated.


  1. Fuzhuan tea. Since ancient times, tea has been sold in the pastoral areas of my country's northwestern frontier, and Hunan Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd. still implements policy-guaranteed supply.

The Northwest minorities who have lived in pastoral areas, plateaus, lack of water and no vegetables for a long time use mashed Fuzhuan tea mixed with milk to make milk tea for drinking. For people who mainly eat meat, they can go to taint food, reduce fat and relieve greasiness, and supplement Moisture and trace elements, etc.; milk tea residue is used to feed livestock. In this way, people and animals can be prevented from bloating and death due to lack of water, disease and unbalanced diet in pastoral areas.

Therefore, there is a reputation in the pastoral area that "I would rather have no rice for three days than tea for one day". Fuzhuan Tea is therefore known as the "Tea of Life" for the Northwest Minorities.

  1. Saccharomyces coronatus. It is a necessary and unique probiotic fungus in the processing of Fuzhuan tea for thousands of years. Its common name is "Golden Flower Fungus". It is a protected strain of the Chinese tea industry that has been listed as a national secondary secret. The Fuzhuan tea production process with the participation of "Golden Flower Fungus" is included in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List and is inherited by the holding subsidiary of Hunan Tea Industry Group.
  2. National Science and Technology Progress Award. Liu Zhonghua, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, elected in November 2019, led by the R&D team, hosted the “New Technology and Industrialization of Tea Functional Ingredients Extraction” project in 2008, and won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award; The "Quality and Efficiency Key Technology Innovation and Industrial Application" project won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. The individuals who won the award together included ten experts including Zhou Chongwang, Wu Haoren and Yin Zhong from Hunan Tea Industry Group. The winning unit was led by Hunan Tea Industry Group Co., Ltd.
  3. "National Award" achievement transformation products. The industrial transformation and application of "National Award" achievements are mainly carried by Hunan Tea Industry Group. Dark tea in the 2016 “National Awards” project mainly refers to Fu (brick) tea. The members of the professional technology team of the Tea Industry Group have used patented technologies such as "comprehensive safety reduction of fluoride", "flooding of loose tea (fermentation)", "rapid aging", and "strain purification" to make full golden flower tea. It also uses the new extraction technology developed by Academician Liu Zhonghua in 2008 to transform the industry into standardized products.
  4. Created by Zhenxi·TNA Teadenol. Zhenxi·TNA Teadenol is a product jointly and innovatively developed by Hunan Xiangcha High-tech Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hunan Tea Industry Group, and Shenzhen Teadenol Technology Information Co., Ltd. Launched in 2017, Teadenol Food has achieved standardization, convenience, and functional application innovation.

Teadenol is an extract of the functional components of the whole golden flower Fu tea. It originated from the Fuzhuan tea food that people have been drinking for thousands of years. So far, no side effects have been found. The whole production process is strictly supervised by Hunan Food and Drug Administration.

  1. Open a new chapter in the application of new categories of functional foods. Innovative application of functional foods helps the body's own basic metabolism of sugars, fats, proteins, water, salt, trace elements, etc. to return to normal and correct ways, so as to achieve a low or even no basic metabolic chronic disease.

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