27. Teadenol, a high-tech formula functional food, makes people turn their spirits into vigor, and fully demonstrates systemic benefits.

Teadenol, a high-tech formula functional food, allows people to turn their spirits into vigor, and fully demonstrate systemic benefits.


At present, people from all walks of life experience drinking Teadenol, a high-tech functional food, and generally feel that their "essence, vitality, and spirit" have become more vigorous in about 1 to 2 months.

We know that "Essence, Qi, God" is a Taoist inner alchemy term, called the "three treasures" of man.

  1. Essence, generally refers to the tangible elements that constitute the life activities of the human body at all levels, often in a solid or liquid state. It constitutes the eight major systems of the human body, bones, meat, nerves, functional cells, blood, body fluids and other substances with specific functions such as sugars, fats, proteins, inorganic salts, water, and trace elements.
  2. Qi, generally refers to the intangible elements that constitute the life activities of the human body and are often in the gas state. It can be understood more deeply as a summary of the substances, energy, and information that constitute the dynamic transformation of solid or liquid substances and gaseous substances in the human body and are performing specific functions. For example, the biochemical conversion (metabolism) of sugar, lipid, and protein, blood movement, defense against external invasion, specifically, the biochemical degradation of sugar in cells into water, carbon dioxide and biological energy, water vaporization into water vapor, carbon dioxide and oxygen in the lungs Exchange and other gasification functions.
  3. God, refers to the activity of essence and qi in general, which constitutes the external manifestation of the changes in the form and function of the human body's life activities at all levels, and the external manifestation of specific functions. God is the general expression of the external vitality of all life activities such as spirit, will, complexion, perception, hearing, smell, taste, vision, and sports.

Essence, Qi, and God are divided into congenital and acquired. Innate Lord refers to inheriting the genetic characteristics of parents, and post-God refers to basic nutrient metabolism. Essence, Qi, and God are a closely related whole that breeds and fosters each other.

According to Chinese medicine, the origin of human life is "essence", the driving force of life is "qi", and the embodiment of life is the activity of "god". Therefore, if the essence is enough to inflate, the spirit of qi and feet will be prosperous; On the other hand, Shenwang means fullness of qi, and fullness of qi means fullness. Chinese medicine assesses a person's health, or the pros and cons of a disease, from these three aspects. In the inspection of Chinese medicine, the"shen" of the patient is observed to judge the prognosis of the patient. Those who are energetic have a good prognosis; those who are not enlightened have a bad prognosis.

With the progress of drinking Fuchasu, we can determine the functional effect of Fuchasu according to the phased dynamic perception changes of our own "Essence, Qi and Shen": When we find that our "Essence, Qi, and Shen" have all begun to turn vigorously , It also shows that the functional food of Fuchasu is exerting a full range of overall functional effects on the human body.

The application of high-tech tea extract functional foods to the comprehensive functional effects of “prevention, conditioning, and maintenance” of chronic metabolic diseases, as well as the simultaneous benefits of related functional organs in the eight major systems of the human body. , God's full turnaround, the symptoms corresponding to various chronic metabolic diseases, manifested as the effect of greatly reducing or even disappearing. It will be detailed separately later.

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