31. Teadenol drinking amount and scientific drinking.

Teadenol-Public-Health-Course.jpgTeadenol drinking amount and scientific drinking.

  1. Different age groups and consumption:

①Daily consumption of 2-4 sachets can be maintained for college students and adults.

②For high school students, an average daily drinking amount of 2 sachets is appropriate. For those with early obesity, irregular menstruation in girls, severe acne in boys, and prone to infectious inflammation, the amount of drinking can be increased appropriately, mainly for prevention and synchronization Metabolic syndrome.

③For elementary and junior high school students, most of the students themselves and their parents reported that one pack per day is enough, not more than two packs.

④Before elementary school, according to most parents, you can drink half a pack of Teadenol every day. It is better to drink about 350mL of water. You can choose to drink with fresh cow and goat milk for a more sweet and delicious taste, to help regulate sugar, fat, Basic nutrient metabolism such as protein, mainly to prevent metabolic disorders.

  1. Different body weight and drinking amount:

① Adult men and women over 18 years old and those weighing less than 55kg can drink 2 sachets a day.

②Persons weighing 55-70kg should drink 3 sachets daily.

③For people weighing 70-85kg, it is advisable to drink 4 sachets daily.

④For people weighing 85kg and above, on the basis of regular drinking 4 sachets a day, if the drinking experience is good, you can choose to drink 1-2 sachets more.

Drinking Teadenol is mainly to prevent the excessive metabolism of basic nutrients such as sugar, fat, protein and so on, and prevent the occurrence and development of basic diseases.

  1. The severity of the underlying disease and the amount of drinking. People who have developed chronic basic metabolic diseases such as sugar, fat, protein, water, salt, and trace elements have two conditions:

① People who are in the stage of excess basal metabolism and mild basal metabolic disease can drink according to the relationship between different body weight and drinking amount.

②People who are at the stage of insufficient basal metabolism and have severe chronic basal metabolic disease, especially those who have lost weight and become thinner (in fact, may be caused by gluconeogenesis), can appropriately increase the amount of drinking every day, which is beneficial Strengthen the function and effect of Teadenol.

In the range of 2 to 10 sachets per day, statistical analysis shows that the actual functional effects of Teadenol are positively correlated with the daily consumption, but it does not mean that the more you drink each day, the faster the effect will be. Due to differences in individual basic disease course, self-optimization is required.

  1. Drink Teadenol and take medicine. People who need injections and medications during Teadenol are advised to stagger their medications and injections for about 1 hour. It is not recommended to stop drinking Teadenol. You can choose to reduce the amount of medication and gradually stop the medication according to your body's obvious improvement.

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