16、The deterioration of blood quality caused by overnutrition leads to various chronic diseases


The deterioration of blood quality caused by overnutrition leads to various chronic diseases. Everyone knows that as long as the human body digests and absorbs too much or insufficient basic nutrient foods such as fats, sugars (carbohydrates), and proteins, it will break the overall balance of nutrition and metabolism of the body, including excess nutrition and nutrition. Undernourishment.

The main cause of overnutrition is not caused by excessive lipid-lowering enzymes, amylases, and proteases in the digestive juice secreted by the pancreas. The excess increase is often caused by the simultaneous stacking, that is, the microbial flora that resides in the human gastrointestinal tract should assist the human body in digesting the remaining food, but excessive reproduction leads to excessive auxiliary digestion, which causes the body to passively absorb excessive nutrients.

After the excessively digested and absorbed substances are processed into the blood by the liver biochemical process, the content of the blood content (indicator) will inevitably show that the content (indicator) in the blood exceeds the nutrient requirement (that is, excessive) during normal metabolism of the body. Inevitable manifestations of dyslipidemia (hyperlipidemia), such as high total cholesterol (TC), high total triglycerides (TG), high low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL- C) Hypoglycemia, hyperuricemia and other related blood biochemical indicators abnormal symptoms.

When the content of these solutes in the blood is high, the bleeding color is dark red (deviation from the normal color), turbidity, and poor fluidity. At this time, we usually call the blood quality poor (has deteriorated). When these thicker, viscous blood circulates in the vascular network system, first of all, there will be immobilization of blood flow and even atheroma in the small, micro, and capillary blood vessels.

The result is that the capillary self-tissue cells at the back end of the microvascular atherosclerosis site and the surrounding adjacent cells cause damage and disease due to hypoxia and ischemia (the supply of nutrients in the blood). As the corresponding organs undergo tissue cell death, metabolic chronic diseases (chronic inflammation) also occur. This metabolic blockage can occur in any organ or tissue in the human body.

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