20. The result of the Science and Technology Progress Award has been transformed into Teadenol, which has been applied to solve the problem of metabolic chronic diseases

The scientific and technological progress award achievement transformed food Teadenol, which has been applied to solve the problem of metabolic chronic diseases.


In the article "The Prospect of Application of the National Award Achievements Won by the New Academician Liu Zhonghua in the Treatment of Chronic Diseases", we have briefly described that Teadenol is based on Teadenol A/B and consists of hundreds of newly discovered water-soluble functions of smaller molecular weight. Formulated functional foods made of ingredients. This kind of Teadenol food consisting of natural secondary compounds, its functional components are the primary functional compounds in raw tea, such as tea polyphenols, catechins, theaflavins, theanine, etc., in the whole golden flower In the process of blooming (fermentation) of Fucha, the fungal extracellular enzymes of the microbial fungus, Sansophora cristatum, are mainly transformed by biochemical reactions.

The scientific research project led by Academician Liu Zhonghua: The project "New technology and industrialization of tea functional ingredients extraction", won the second prize of the 2008 National Science and Technology Progress Award; "The key technology innovation and industrialization application of dark tea quality and efficiency" project, and then Won the second prize of 2016 National Science and Technology Progress Award. The industrial transformation and application of National Award achievements are mainly carried by Hunan Tea Group.

The "dark tea" in the national award project mainly refers to Fu tea (Fuzhuan tea). As a food, it has become the tea of life for herdsmen in the pastoral areas of the northwestern frontier of my country. )"said. In order to prevent the occurrence and development of chronic metabolic diseases of herders and protect herders' health and longevity, it has played an irreplaceable practical role.

We extracted the functional ingredients from the whole golden flower (100% fermented) Fucha, and made it into a "medicine and food homology" formula functional food, which has begun to be used to solve the problem of modern human metabolic chronic diseases. And through the current drinking practice of about 6,000 people from all walks of life in the society, it has been confirmed that Teadenol, a group of functional foods, can prevent, regulate, and maintain diabetes complications and atherosclerosis caused by basic metabolism disorders of nutrients such as sugar, fat, and protein. In terms of chronic disease problems such as sclerosis, gout, and intractable chronic inflammation, the main functional effects are synchronized.

In order to achieve substantive results, drink 2 to 4 grams (small packets) a day, and continue to drink to a certain stage, and you can obtain staged benefits. It is found that it can be taken at any time, stop drinking at any time, and it is not addictive to people; no side effects have been found so far.

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