10. Brief introduction of Teadenol's functions and effects and introduction of ways to quickly purchase Teadenol in China and foreigners


  1. What is Teadenol? What is the conditioning effect?

Answer: Teadenol is made from tea leaves under the specific temperature, humidity, air pressure, etc., using tea leaves as the raw material, through the rear-end fermentation process of Mycobacterium protuberans "loose tea hair flower". In the production process, GMP biopharmaceutical management process is adopted. Through countercurrent extraction, purification and purification, freeze drying, concentrated granulation, aseptic packaging and other high-tech biological manufacturing processes, Teadenol and other beneficial functional ingredients are retained to the greatest extent. .


Teadenol is an innovative category of R&D breakthrough in the field of microbiome, and it is a product of the conversion of core key technical achievements in the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award on January 9, 2017 "Key Technology Innovation and Industrialization of Black Tea Quality and Efficiency", namely Teadenol is a "National Award" achievement conversion product, similar to a "food and medicine homologous" compound granule innovative category.

During the conditioning process of drinking Teadenol, Teadenol is based on the core functions of conditioning dyslipidemia, broad-spectrum bacteriostasis, antioxidant and trace element supply, which can effectively regulate hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia caused by excessive nutritional metabolism Hyperuricemia, intractable chronic inflammation and other metabolic chronic diseases.

  1. What is the price of Teadenol and how to buy it?

Answer: The national unified price of Teadenol is 588 yuan/box, and there are discounts for purchasing packages. There are currently four prices: one box of experience pack, six boxes of packages, nine boxes of packages, twelve boxes of packages, the price corresponding to 588 yuan, 3350 yuan, 4920 yuan, 6350 yuan. It is recommended that you first choose a box of experimental equipment to experience Teadenol initially.

You can buy Teadenol products in the WeChat public account of Teadenol -> "Chronic Disease Conditioning" navigation bar -> "Chronic Disease Conditioning Mall" sub-menu bar, and you can view related introductions on each detail page.

Teadenol can regulate the metabolic chronic disease caused by metabolic abnormalities, and is the product of the "National Award" achievement transformation.

After solving the chronic disease problem, people's most obvious feeling is that"jing, qi, and god"return to a healthy state, that is, the human body is in a"free from disease, no metabolic chronic disease trouble" living state. Teadenol provides protection for protecting the health of human bodies at all ages, improving the quality of self-life and enjoying a higher quality of healthy life.


When you choose to experience drinking Teadenol, Teadenol's exclusive customer service will follow up with you to help you compare your own status before and after drinking, in-depth understanding of Teadenol, and finally get a good conditioning drinking experience.

  1. What methods does Teadenol use for payment and delivery? Can I return it?

Answer: 1. You can purchase Teadenol in the following WeChat public account, and the payment method supports WeChat payment (choose change, savings card, and credit card when paying).


For delivery in the mainland, priority is given to SF Express delivery. Remote areas in the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao will selectively use postal EMS delivery, and Taiwan will use dedicated logistics for delivery. Ensure Teadenol is delivered safely and quickly to users.

If you are inconvenient to operate, you can directly scan the QR code to pay, please ask our colleagues to help you buy.


Immediately after payment, scan the code to add WeChat or contact WeChat phone number 15361893515.


Special reminder: friends outside of China can also add WeChat. We support paypal, payoneer, Western Union, wire transfer, MoneyGram and other methods to purchase. At the same time regular invoices. For details, please contact WeChat phone 15361893515, email address 15361893515@163.com.

  1. At present, Teadenol ships from the Shenzhen operation headquarters. In the future, according to the development of the company's operating scale, warehouse logistics centers will be built in key areas of the country and shipped nearby. The current shipping fee for Teadenol is arranged as follows:

① Free shipping for SF and EMS in Mainland China.

②Postage for EMS in Hong Kong and Macao: the first weight is 0.5kg10 yuan, and the continued weight is 10 yuan per 0.5kg.

③Tax logistics fees in Taiwan: the first weight of 1kg85 yuan, the continued weight of 40 yuan per 1kg.

(Total packaging weight: 0.3kg for a single box, 1.5kg for a six-box set, 2kg for a nine-pack, and 2.5kg for a twelve-pack)

  1. During the working day, if you place an order before 17:00, the company will ship it in time on the same day. If the delivery of Teadenol is delayed due to holidays, weather or other special circumstances, the customer service department of the platform will call the user to communicate and handle the delivery in a timely manner. You can usually receive Teadenol within 2-3 days after delivery, and 4-5 days in some areas. For urgent mailing requirements, please contact customer service in advance.

  2. Support the return and exchange of Teadenol products under the premise that the box packaging is intact and the outer film is not damaged. For the specific process, please contact Teadenol's exclusive customer service first, WeChat bvip911, you can send the boxed Teadenol photo back to the platform for confirmation. After confirmation, it can be mailed back to the platform according to the address provided by the customer service. After the platform receives the goods, it will arrange the exchange or refund.

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